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Nude Preteen Nymphets

Posted on July 17 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2010 23:24:33 -0800 (PST)From: Fred Thomas Subject: Dressing upFirst all the legal stuff, if you are underage, turn back, if it's illegal foryou to read about men having sex with men, or you find it offensive, stop now.If you continue reading then it means you agree, are of age, and will leavecomments, good or bad, only to me. And remember to always suit up, the thingsyou can catch now will kill you!I know it's a lame title, but I had always had strong draw to woman'sunderwear.I loved how it felt to my hands when I was young and as I got older how itfelt doing other things with it, but I had never had the desire to trywearing it myself. That is until after my marriage went down the drain.First I learned that she'd been sleeping with a friend of mine, and Nude Preteen Nymphets on morethan one occasion I had been dubbed and had been totally cuckold, eatinghis cum from her and not really realizing it. Yeah, I know, I should haveknown what was happening, but when you're half drunk and it's been a weeksince she'd let me anywhere near her, and telling me eat me first stud,well that's what I did. Only when we had that last fight, the night afterone of those drunk eat me nights, did she tell me the truth. Nude Preteen Nymphets Second Nude Preteen Nymphets was hercomment that she'd found it odd that she'd find her panties no where nearwhere she'd left them and they were always 'stuck' together when shedid. Then finally, my close friend of five years calling me a pantieswearing queer as they drove off. I was down in the dirt.Now alone in 'our' one bedroom apartment I went around picking up the messleft as she went through everything getting what she wanted and leaving therest. What got me the most was her undies drawer, she'd left almost everysingle pair of panties she had and the bras too. I thought about it as Iran my hand over them, almost every pair I had found other uses for, butnot tonight. Tonight I grabbed a pair and held them close as I tried tosleep, smelling her, and wishing I had done right by her.A month later and I was doing a bit better, but I had reverted to my oldways, jacking into her panties, actually talking as I did, how did he liketasting my cum from her, things like that. Then came the evening thatchanged me for the better.Drunk once again and needing to do laundry I decided to do somethingdaring, I know some of you will relate to doing some crazy things whendrunk. Well, I decided Nude Preteen Nymphets to wear the pink pair of her panties, the last pairI had seen my wife's cute butt in. I was standing in the bedroom looking inthe full mirror and seeing myself in them and feeling how soft they felt onme and thought as I watched my five inches get rock hard, "That's rightbitch, I'm hot and sexy!" I pulled on a pair of shorts and put on a t-shirtand headed to the laundry mat on-site. What I failed to notice was that thecut on the side of the shorts let those panties show really well,especially when I was sitting. I was waiting for my clothes, and most ofher panties, to finish washing when one of the other tenants came in. Inoticed him looking at me, more than once, and even turned my back to checkif my still half hard dick was maybe leaving a tent. Soon he began talkingto me, saying how sorry he was to have seen my wife leave. That's when Iremembered him, the guy from across they way, not that he could be missed.He was one of about six black guys living there, but the only one hissize. Not really what you'd call fat, but chubby is more like it, and olderthan I was. I was 25 at this time, I found out later he was 48. I stand sixfoot, he stands almost the same. I was thin, about 150, and because of thetimes, I had dirty blond hair just past my shoulders. Charles, is name,just chatted away, mainly saying nothing that I caught, but I didn't misswhen he said he found women a pain. I told him I agreed, then said whatjust popped into my mind, "I think from now on I'll just stick with men"Meaning to me at the time, that I was just going to hang with the guys forawhile. Charles reached over and gently rubbed my arm and said " I knowexactly what baby needs tonight" and again my brain missed something inthis and I said cool. When he got up and helped me put my clothes into thedryer, he whistled a few times hold up the panties and I agreeingsometimes, others not, then he told me let's head over to his 'crib' and dothis right. He slapped my butt as I walked by, and all I said was "Hey" andhe grinned from ear to ear.He opened his door and moved aside to let me pass by, "Nice, baby, reallynice" it' slipped right by me because inside his place there was this odorthat once you've smelled it once you know it, I answered "Yes it is, nice."the smell of weed was strong, the pictures one the wall, painted velvet ofhalf naked girls with small tit's, men behind them, as if in embrace, softlighting everywhere, and his place just looked, well sort of like a pimpsplace, had I ever seen one that is. There was only a small couch to sit onand he told me to sit and offered me a Bacardi and Coke, to which I ofcourse said yes. On the table in front of me was a water pipe and a plateof ground weed, "Load it up baby, let's relax some first." Man this guy'sweird, I remember thinking, as he handed me my drink, but I thought thatonly to that Nude Preteen Nymphets first drink, man this was like almost straight 151!! And a fewhits later from that pipe and I was blitzed beyond belief, and then I felthis hand on my thigh."Love those pink panties baby, let me see them really good now, take themshorts off and show me honey." Holy crap! I had forgotten all about mewearing them, but in a way I thought somewhere in my foggy brain, "Hethinks it's cool 'm wearing my ex's panties." and for some reason, and tothis day I don't know why, I stood up, almost falling as he caught me, anddid sort of a bump of my hips as I dropped those shorts. It's when his handthen rubbed over my pantied covered ass, and said "Sweet, baby, reallysweet ass baby" that it dawned on me that something wasn't right. But hedrug me back down on that couch and lit another bowl as I took a big gulpof my over done drink and the fog went back over Nude Preteen Nymphets me, but not as far. I wasthinking to myself, the next time he touches me I'm gone, but he got up andand put on some Barry White and sat down again, this time I noticed he waswearing just shorts and he just talked nothing. Whispered was more like it,and I felt like I was in a trance. I felt him take my hand, felt the heatin my hand as he moaned something that sounded like a yes that's it, andthen the next thing I know I'm doing something that if you'd have told meI'd be doing, and liking, I'd have tried kicking butt. I was kissing hishard cock that I was jacking off!!Sure, back in Nude Preteen Nymphets high school I had checked out the other guys, mainly Inoticed I was smaller, and I did have one friend that we had jacked off acouple of times together, but I had never touched him. Yet I was not onlystroking Charles, now I was sucking his cock, and he was rubbing minethrough those panties. "Baby has such a hard little clitty, now you treatme right baby and your daddy will make you feel like heaven tonight." And Imoaned, mainly because he was doing something to my dick, he called it myclitty, maybe it was because even my nipples felt hard as a rock! He puledmy head off Nude Preteen Nymphets him and told me to get his shorts off and make him happy. Helifted his hips and placed one of his large legs on the back of that couchand pushed my head lower,"That's it baby, love those balls, lick them good"How many times had my Nude Preteen Nymphets ex gone down on me and I had wished she'd have donewhat I was doing I knew how my nuts felt when I played with her panties onthem, and now my tongue was silky smooth and loving this real man's balls!"Lower baby, show me how much you really want me to take you to heaven, eatit like you know you can." I did. I went lower, his dark brown star therefor me to eat. It was sort of funky, but Barry was singing about somethingthat said you can't get enough, and I couldn't, I had to have it all, and Iwent to town. I swear I was eating pussy because my tongue would enter histight hole, then it would push me out. Charles was slowly jacking his thick7 inches over my head, his balls banging my nose, his other hand playingwith my ass in such a way that had me humping the couch!He stopped me and helped me up, his cock standing out proudly as he held myhand and led me to his big water bed. Once there he laid me on my stomachand was rubbing my ass softly through my panties. He asked me a question,the first time he even asked it, "You never done this before have youbaby?" I answered in a soft sort of scared voice, "No, but I want you."He's thick fingers opening me as he sucked on my neck, slowly working themuntil he had three of them in me and was twisting them around, I could feelhis thick cock on my legs, and could feel my small clitty throbbing underme, as he pulled my pantied to the side and slowly began trying to enterme. His tongue in my ear, him whispering "Relax it baby, let daddy take youthere" and then a sudden pop and pain like I'd never felt, yet his lipsbegan kissing and sucking my neck, him moaning how tight my pussy was, howsweet it was to be taking my cherry tonight, and then I felt his heavyballs resting on my panty covered nuts, and I shuddered under him, again.He stayed tight against me, barely moving, telling me "I ain't never beenin such a tight pussy, baby, work that pussy for me honey." And I heardthis voice, my voice saying "Fuck my tight pussy baby, make me feel gooddaddy, Fuck me!" His hips moved faster, sliding until just the head of hiswonderful cock was barely in me, then pushing forward until his ballssmacked mine. I was rocking my hips, if this is how women feel when theyget fucked then whty the hell don't they always cum, as I shuddered againunder him, I could feel Nude Preteen Nymphets that one, my panties were soaked with that one, Ihad just cum for my man!! Then he pulled out of me and I reached back tograb him, to put his sweet black cock back into my tight white pussy hole,but he said "Wait baby, I want you to see my face as I let you give you mycock juice" and he flipped me to my back like I weighed nothing, and thenagain he pushed my panties aside but this time he sunk his cock back in inone swift motion, and he slapped my ass cheeks with both hands, as Ishuddered and this time could see my cum flow through my panties, "That'sit baby, cum for me, cum hard for me now!" He was ramming his cock into myhard and fast, then he buried himself deep in me and just rocked forward. Nude Preteen Nymphets Icould feel the hotness of his thick cum spreading inside me, as he smackedmy ass even harder. "Here it is baby, your my sweet bitch now baby, you'llmake me really happy with this tight cunt ass, and that sweet mouth ofyours, now cum for me again, now bitch" And I did, like his voice had thispower over my prostrate, or maybe it's because his cock was rammed againstit and he kept working it hard!When his cock slipped from my sore ass cunt, I felt so empty but so full ofhis cum and happy. So happy that when he moved up the bed and offered mehis cock again I never thought about it and received him into my mouth andsuckled him and moaned because he was feeling my pussy with his fingers,and he offered them to me and told me to lick them clean for him, andalthough the taste was lousy, I did what daddy wanted. "That's it baby,you're going to a nice one for me, Nice and trainable" I watched him walkinto the bathroom, his butt looking so sexy, his thick cock looking welllike it was almost fucked out! And I had caused it! I must have dozed whilehe cleaned up more, because I woke with a start when he smacked my assreally hard, "You need to get my clothes and fold them, then get yours andgo home." I must have looked hurt, he had just used my ass for pleasure andnow I was out?? But he said "Don't worry baby, I'll come get you for moretomorrow, but you need to lose all that hair down there, and wear thosepurple ones, I think your pussy ass will look just fine in them for metomorrow baby." I Nude Preteen Nymphets could feel his cum leaking down my leg as I halfstaggered, half floated to the laundry, and I actually reach down andcaught some of it and licked it up, I had to see if it was real! I had justbeen made love to by a man, while wearing panties, and had never felt moreright in my life!The next day Charles was true to his word, as I had did what daddy had toldme, this time I got to swallow his whole first load, but not the first oneI had swallowed down, hehe, I had to jack after feeling those silky purplepanties on my hairless clitty and clitty sack and over my hairless pussycheeks, and because I jst had to know, did I taste as good as him?? Thatanswer was no, his cum was so much better! And soon, I was trained goodenough to show off for a couple of his friends, but that and how I wastrained, is another story.Like it..hate it...send your comments to fred.thomas40 at yahoo dot comLive in San Antonio.
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